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Breakfast Week

We have enjoyed taking part in ‘Breakfast Week’. The children have made toast, hard boiled eggs and have cut up fruit. We have also discussed the importance of eating breakfast every morning to keep us strong and healthy.

Australia Day

Today we celebrated Australia Day. We had simple discussions around where Australia is and how we could get there. The children then made Australian medallions and snakes.

Nursery Vacancies

We currently have vacancies for 3 and 4 year olds. Please call us on 020 8692 5041 for more information.

Our New Water Tray

Our new water tray was delivered today, Preston and Trevon played for nearly an hour and Preston commented ‘It’s good’.


The children have been loaned storyphones for a term to help develop their language/confidence/and listening skills. The storyphones will play stories and music, we have a mixture of the two for the children to enjoy. The children enjoy using the storyphones and can be heard repeating what is said on them.

Put Your Hands Up

Benedict thoroughly enjoyed making these ‘special hands’ with Jayne. He used them for most of the morning, repeating often ‘I am a robot, I am a robot’.

He was also happy to try out various activities using his ‘hands’.

Primary School Application Deadline

Please remember that the deadline for submitting your application for primary school is 29th January 2010.  If your child was born between 1st September 2005 and 31st August 2006 make sure that you have got an application pack, not doing so could result in your child not having the school of your choice.  Application packs can be obtained from Laurence House, Libraries and some schools.

Bird Watch Day

Haneela and Alanis took part in our bird watching activity, they were able to fill the bird feeder with seed and hang it outside. They then waited patiently for the birds but alas they didn’t come. Haneela even told them ‘Come on birds your dinner is ready’. There was however great excitement when the squirrel came to eat the food instead!!!

Welcome to the nursery

We would like to welcome Hindolo and Soreiyah to the nursery, we hope you have a happy time with us.

St Andrew’s nursery founder nominated for MBE

We are excited to let you know that Barry Carter retired Minister of St Andrew’s Church has been nominated for an MBE, well done Barry.