The nursery is a large, open plan space with four additional rooms for key worker and small group activities, plus a large playground and a sunny back garden.

The open plan space means that children are not restricted to rooms or areas for a particular age group. They can all take advantage of the many activities on offer.

Inside, the main hall is set up with designated areas for a range of different areas:

Creative Small World
Malleable Dance, dressing up and music
Maths Writing/drawing
Books Computers
Puzzles Home corner

Our three smaller areas – lilac room, pink room and blue room – are used for three of the key person groups, and provide quiet areas for staff and small groups at other times of the day.

There is an indoor sand and water area, which is always popular.

The children love the playground and our back garden. Each morning, different toys and activities are set up in the playground, ranging from bikes and scooters to ball games and giant marble runs. The back garden is especially popular in spring and summer, where the children grow flowers and vegetables, take out blankets to read on, and play under the shade of our willow dome.