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Chinese New Year Dragon

The children painted paper plates to make a Chinese dragon

Today we painted pictures of elephants

The Wonder of Play Dough

Today we made purple play dough, to enhance the children’s play Jaime added, lollysticks, small sticks, glitter and wiggley eyes.  The children made an elephant, an alien and a cake.

Hand Printing

Making green handprints to make the woods for The Gruffalo.

Having fun with maths

We poured rice into a very long cardboard tube. We counted to 30 and backwards from 10 – 1. We also used lots of mathematical language, e.g. tall, long, full and more.

Jojo, the entertainer

Jojo was very impressed with the children, he said they were very interactive, observant and enthusiastic, he also said the staff were attentive towards the children’s needs and was a pleasure to work with us.

Nativity Day

Awwww, just very sweet.

Role Play

 ‘I’m a policeman’

Christmas Dates

Wednesday 12th December @ 10.30 – Nativity

Thursday 13th December @ 1.30 – JoJo, children’s entertainer

Friday 14th December @ 2.30

Friday 21st December – close at 2.00

Chookie Bears Adventures

Chookie Bear has had a fabulous weekend.