We have Ofsted inspections approximately every 3 years and we have been consistently judged as ‘good’.

Current and previous Ofsted reports can be viewed via this link


Ofsted report 2015

Our most recent Ofsted inspection was published in February 2015 and our overall rating was ‘good’.


Here is some of the good practice the 2015 report highlights:


* Children make good progress in their learning overall, given their age, ability and starting points. This is due a well balanced curriculum that supports all areas of children’s learning and development.



* The setting is driven by a united staff team who show a good commitment to continuous improvement.


* Staff maintain high levels of supervision and support children well during play.


* There is a good commitment to equality and inclusion throughout the setting and its practice.


* Good relationships with parents mean children’s individual needs are effectively met. Valuable information about children’s home routines and family background is shared promoting a smooth transition from home. Parents are well informed of all aspects of the setting as well as their child’s general well-being and the activities they have enjoyed.1956831_719788428108539_6579543963786791231_o


* Children make good progress in their learning, and are enthusiastic and inquisitive learners. They thoroughly enjoy their time in this stimulating and well organised learning environment.


* Children are confident and enthusiastic communicators as they freely engage in conversations with each other and staff.


* Children develop their free creative expression as they freely use a variety of art, craft and drawing materials effectively. They become engrossed in imaginative play and re-enact real life experiences while playing in the home corner.10960138_811376295616418_6733160565160349082_o


* Staff encourage children to learn mathematical concepts, such as counting, colours, numbers and shapes throughout their play. For example, children aged three, confidently count to ten and beyond as they play basketball games outside and record their scores on the chalk board.


* Children adopt healthy lifestyles through the daily routine and planned activities, such as gardening.


* Children demonstrate a positive attitude to physical exercise and enjoy daily opportunities to play outside. Children play cooperatively and interact positively with each other and staff, creating a relaxed atmosphere. Staff act as good role models, supporting children in learning to share as they offer them meaningful praise and lots of encouragement. Consequently, children behave very well.