Take a look at some of the testimonials from parents of children at the nursery:


From Cally

My son has been attending St Andrew’s for over six months now. However it feels like years, which is a testament in itself as it shows how comfortable and welcomed he has been made to feel and this has created a sense of belonging not just for our son but for us as well.
As nervous parents, we were worried that our son wouldn’t be able to settle in as it would have been his third move to another nursery. However, the staff at St Andrew’s provided an excellent learning environment and with their combined experience were able to settle him in easily.

As a family, we were given an opportunity to move to another area, which would have meant moving our son again but he had instantly made a connection with his key worker as well as other staff members. Our son was extremely close to some of the other children, so we felt it wasn’t fair to disrupt his development and time at St Andrew’s, which shows how connected he was to the staff and children. This also shows how happy we were as parents with the love, care and hardwork that the nursery provides.

St Andrew’s fees are kept reasonably low and are affordable, which encourages parents from all backgrounds and cultures to let their children attend and in turn promoting a diverse community. St Andrew’s also provides various activities such as Show and Tell on Wednesdays, which has allowed my son’s language and character to flourish.


From Ben

My daughter has been coming to St Andrew’s for the last two years. I’m continually reminded how lucky she is to be playing, learning, and making friends in such a wonderful place.FullSizeRender

As a community nursery, St Andrew’s is run on a not-for-profit basis, and this makes it very special (and unique in the local area). The nursery is run in the interests of the children that attend it, and not to make money for somebody else. Fees are kept as low as possible, and this means that the nursery attracts children from a wide range of different backgrounds. This is really important to me as a parent, and my daughter has played with, learned from, and grown up as part of a very diverse group of kids.

The nursery is run by an enthusiastic and experienced team of staff, many of whom have been working at St Andrew’s for decades. Staff are secure and confident in what they do, and create an environment where activities are so often led by the children themselves — from making dens and singing songs to experimenting with paint, chalk and puddles. Playing with children of different ages, the children learn from one another.

I feel we’re incredibly privileged to have the nursery in our lives, and feel very connected to the staff, children and parents who meet there.


From Gemma

St Andrew’s is a wonderful nursery, full of very happy children and the most wonderful staff. The staff are hugely experienced, loving and fun and the nursery is more creative than I could ever have hoped for. My daughter looks forward to nursery every day and has made huge progress socially, developmentally and artistically! The food is nutritious and freshly prepared each day in a neighbouring school. Snacks are healthy. There are two well-used outdoor spaces where the children have fun while they play and learn. Activities are stimulating and varied, and the children have really strong bonds with the adults, who are true childcare professionals. Communication with parents is outstanding. A gem of a local nursery which our daughter is lucky to attend.


From Lizzy

My three year old started a few months ago and has settled in well with the warm friendly team. At the end of the day she  always greets me with a smile and chats endlessly about what she has been doing at her new nursery. I am so pleased she secured a place at this brilliant community hub.


From Naja

Our son has only been at St Andrew’s for a few months but in that short time we’ve seen what a brilliant place the nursery is. Everyone has been so welcoming and friendly to us as parents and so kind and caring to our boy. He wasn’t a big fan of nursery before he came to St Andrew’s but he now runs in happily every day and we know that he is not only well looked after but he’s also learning and growing and making new friends and having new experiences. We are so pleased that he’s in such a warm and supportive environment at such an important time in his life.


From Suzi

We honestly couldn’t be happier that our daughter is cared for by the staff of St Andrew’s Community Nursery. Having found St Andrew’s almost by accident, when our old nursery had to close due to government cuts, we have always felt, from day one, that the cloud of the previous nursery’s closure was more than matched by the silver lining that St Andrew’s has turned out to be.

Our daughter settled in so quickly we were amazed. We realize now that this was overwhelmingly due to the fact that every member of staff is so caring and dedicated, understanding and responding to the individual needs of every child in their care. The “family” set-up in the nursery, where all age groups of children mix freely for most of the day, was also key to our daughter’s happiness there. The older children tend to look after the younger ones and in turn the younger (and newer to the nursery) children learn from those who are a little older and more settled.

The fact that our daughter has positively thrived there and is almost always (well – we all have our off days!) excited to go to nursery, makes our lives so much easier. It is a wonderful feeling to have such trust in a group of people when it comes to the care of the most precious thing in your life.

I believe that the relative stability of staffing at St Andrew’s in comparison to many childcare providers helps enormously in creating an environment in which children feel safe, secure and happy. We cannot recommend St Andrew’s highly enough and sincerely hope the nursery can continue to provide it’s wonderful service to the local community for another thirty years!